1. Rethinking Cyueue’s Interface: Making Cyueue Gorgeous and Easier to Use

    Saurik, the creator of Cydia, the “jailbroken App Store,” recently released Cyueue, a song queuing system for the stock Music app (similar to iTunes 11’s “Up Next”). Although the implementation and concept behing the tweak are amazing, and I’m very glad a reliable and meticulous developer like Saurik decided to undertake it, I can still see a Cyueue that more seamlessly fits into iOS. Take a look at the remodeled interface I whipped up below:


    (click for higher resolution)

    You wouldn’t even know a tweak was behind that. I think the image speaks for itself; the only detail that you may overlook is the lack of “playing” icon in the status bar. Yes, I know that Saurik doesn’t want to implement his queuing feature using tap-and-hold (or even at all when something isn’t playing), but what about left-to-right swipes? I’m completely for the concept of moving your finger across the song name to reveal the Cyueue switcher— or some method of creating a song queue without needing to be playing something first.

    Thanks for stopping by, I hope to make a few more of these in the near future. Thoughts? Comments? Requests? I’m always on twitter.

    EDIT: Saurik’s response (via reddit), a very worthwhile read

    1 year ago